2021 South China International Industry Fair

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Time 2021-06-29 - 2021-07-01
City Shenzhen
Address No. 1, Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Hallname Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (New Hall)
Sponsor Hannover Milano Exhibihaition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shang Industrial Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Undertaker Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Introduction

A new round of industrial revolution is in the ascendant, and the global industrial digital transformation is deepening. At the Hannover Messe, known as the "World Industrial Development Barometer", ideas and visions related to digital industry and smart manufacturing are increasingly becoming real applications. In 2019, artificial intelligence (AI) and the fifth generation The application of mobile communication technology (5G) has attracted the most attention.
The Hannover Industry Fair, founded in 1947, is the world's largest industrial exhibition and the origin of Germany's "Industry 4.0". In 2011, Germany publicly launched this concept at the Industry Fair for the first time. The core is to digitize and intelligently upgrade the industry through the integration of different technologies and elements, nurturing an intelligent value chain that covers the entire life cycle of the product, and enables flexible personality Chemical production has become a new standard, reducing resource consumption and promoting a significant increase in economic benefits. In the past eight years, Hannover Messe has always focused on "converged industry", and "convergence" is precisely the core feature of the new round of industrial revolution. The flexible arrangement and combination of industrial design, planning, production, logistics, service, etc. and information and communication technology have nurtured applications in various scenarios, and enterprises from various countries are trying to “play” the arrangement and combination through innovation.
Since its establishment in 1999, the China International Industry Fair has become the most influential and authoritative international industrial fair in the Asia-Pacific region after more than 20 years of innovation and development. In the past 20 years, the China International Industry Fair has built an important platform for China and the world's industrial enterprises and industrial technology to display, exchange, and trade, and provide strong support for China's industrial development, especially Shanghai's industrial development. In 2015, the "Made in China 2025" plan was grandly launched to determine the development path of digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing in China. With the theme of "Intelligence, Interconnection, and Empowering New Industrial Development", the China Industry Fair deeply integrates high-end intelligent equipment, automation and robotics, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and digital factories and other technologies and solutions, and presents them perfectly Manufacturing sectors.
Thanks to the practical applications of a series of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G and edge computing, the future industry is steadily moving towards large-scale flexible production, full-process transparent production, distributed production, and intelligent automatic production. From product design and manufacturing to transportation and service, the global industrial chain will be reshaped. Thanks to the huge development prospects of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the South China International Industry Fair was born from this.
As a series of two large-scale and influential industrial events in the world, the South China International Industry Fair is based on the high-end of the future industry, precisely focusing on China's intelligent manufacturing, and will demonstrate automation, machine vision, industrial robot technology, and a new generation of information technology. With digital factory solutions, metal processing and laser manufacturing technology, energy saving and industrial equipment, new materials and other industry-wide latest technologies and solutions, it perfectly presents the effective integration of innovative technologies and products in the intelligent industrial chain.
The 2020 South China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as: South China Industry Fair) co-sponsored by Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the organizer of the China International Industry Fair, Donghao Lansheng Group Shanghai Industrial Business Exhibition Co., Ltd., was held on October 15 Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall) ended. Over 500 companies have brought innovative technologies, products and solutions in the fields of industrial automation, machine vision, industrial robots, laser intelligent manufacturing, laser matching, optoelectronic technology, intelligent equipment, new-generation information technology, digital factories, etc. The district's intelligent manufacturing industry is upgraded.
Hannover Messe of Germany and Donghao Lansheng Group formally reached a strategic cooperation on August 8 last year to jointly host the South China Industry Fair from 2020. The organizer stated that to seize the major opportunity of “dual-zone drive”, the first South China Industry Fair will present a smart + digital manufacturing trend, and cultivate new momentum for the development of the smart manufacturing industry in the Bay Area after the epidemic.
Wanke, Ike, Shanghai Bank, Hanshi, Schmalz, Konevel, German Lapp, Oglean, German Moore, Yongchuang Intelligent, CODESYS, CC-link, Xiamen Hongfa, ICOTEK, OPC, Force Control, Zhide Machinery, Zhenkunxing, Enai Instrument MCC, Universal Robots, Software, IAI, Stand, Oukai, Jiazhi, New Generation CNC, Qilike, AirTAC, YIHEDA, NBK, Lei Sai, Moon Chi, AKRIBIS, Ruijian, NB, PMI, TBI, Peach, Senyang Intelligent, Jiashunda, Zeda, Lingke, Starcom, linko, COGNEX, Daheng , Basler, Keyence, Edmund, LucidVision, CBC, Microvision, OPT, Si Ti, Samson, Skyline Survey, Haoxing, Speedmeida, Deep Vision, Han's Vision, Innovation Technology, Huicui, United Optics, Sharp Vision, Phoenix Optics, Vision Clear, Chanrui, Colier, Juhua Optics, Cobao Optoelectronics, Guangqi, Pumis, Dehong, Zhixiang Optoelectronics, Marposs, Japas, Microwave Well-known companies such as, Richong, Lule, Tactic, Lizhun, Xinzhi, Nodka, Chenkong, Haitede Engineering, etc. presented a variety of intelligent equipment, industrial robots, intelligent control systems, mechanical transmission systems, and machine vision , Industrial Internet of Things and products and application solutions for epidemic prevention equipment.
The 2021 South China International Industry Fair will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 29 to July 1. We look forward to your visit!

Area : 120,000 square meters  

Range of exhibition

Industrial Automation Exhibition
Leading commercial exhibition of  integrated automation technology
brings together many leading companies in the automation industry, focusing on the display of core technologies and cutting-edge products of intelligent manufacturing, and focusing on the implementation of the concept of Industry 4.0. Focus on the introduction of embedded technology exhibition area, motion control system exhibition area, intelligent sensing and connection exhibition area, transmission and pneumatic exhibition area.
Building a city based on industry, creating a new growth pole in the Pearl River Delta. The
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is one of China’s important bay areas and an important space carrier for the country to build a world-class city cluster and participate in global competition. The district is one of the four largest bay areas in the world that is comparable to the Tokyo Bay Area in Japan. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has a broad industrial structure. In addition to a large number of high-tech industries, there are also many different traditional manufacturing industries, including artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, robotics, new materials, cloud computing, industrial Internet, and the new generation The combination of advanced technologies such as information technology and traditional industries has laid the foundation. At the same time, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has a well-developed manufacturing industry and a sound industrial system, providing a broad space for the development of R&D, logistics, finance, information technology, commerce, energy conservation and environmental protection and other productive service industries.
? Drive systems and components
? Mechanical infrastructure
? Induction technology
? Control systems
? Industrial computer equipment
? Industrial automation software
? Interface technology and energy supply
? Low-voltage switchgear
? Human-machine interface devices
? Industrial communication
? Education and Training
? Fluid Power
? Mechanical Transmission, Parts and Manufacturing Equipment
? Bearings, Springs and Fasteners
Robot Exhibition 
Robotics Technology Helps Manufacturing Industry Upgrade and Transformation
At present, my country's robot market is in a period of rapid growth, and industrial robots have become the world's largest application market for many years. As a vital link in intelligent manufacturing, the development process of robots is highly concerned and supported by many industries. At the South China International Industry Fair, the Robot Exhibition will combine the development characteristics of the local industry to create various cutting-edge products, technologies and industry application solutions with robots as the core suitable for the South China region, providing companies with broad cooperation opportunities and building enterprises A platform to open up the local market and help upgrade local smart equipment.
Focusing on the South China market, the robot application market leads the country.
With the country's support for robots and manufacturing upgrades, the domestic robot market continues to grow. According to statistics from the Guangdong Provincial Government, one of every five industrial robots in China comes from the Guangdong region. Looking to the future, under the promotion of policies such as Made in China 2025, intelligent manufacturing and advanced equipment manufacturing transformation and upgrading, South China will remain the locomotive of robot development. Among them, industries such as electronic information, food, medical care, building materials and metals will give priority to the application of industrial automation, and strive to achieve an output value of 60 billion yuan (about 9 billion US dollars) in the robot manufacturing industry. Combining many favorable advantages, coupled with the country's vigorous efforts to encourage the development of independent brands of industrial robots, it is expected that the prospects for smart industry in southern China will continue to flourish.
? Industrial robots:
collaborative robots, welding robots, spraying robots, palletizing robots, handling robots, assembly robots, laser processing robots, vacuum robots, cleaning robots, polishing robots, multi-joint robots, SCARA robots, Delta Robots, Cartesian coordinate robots, mobile robots (AGV), other industrial robots
? Overall solutions suitable for industrial applications:
3C manufacturing industry application solutions (mobile phone testing, polishing, assembly, etc.), automotive manufacturing industry application solutions, food and beverage and processing industry application solutions, rubber and plastic industry application solutions, metallurgy and metal products industry application solutions , Chemical industry application solutions, biomedical industry application solutions, home appliance industry application solutions, kitchenware, bathroom industry application solutions, packaging and printing industry application solutions, logistics, security industry application solutions, new energy, environmental protection industry application solutions Solutions
? Core components:
controllers, reducers, servo motors, sensors, special wires and cables, related software
? Service robots:
homework robots, entertainment and leisure robots, handicapped assistance robots, residential security and surveillance robots, virtual robots, drones
? Special robots:
field robots, professional cleaning robots, medical robots, logistics robots, inspection and maintenance robots, construction robots, underwater robots, defense rescue and safety application robots.
Machine vision exhibition 
Machine vision is indispensable in modern factories
with intelligent manufacturing Construction opens "machine vision"-machine vision is an important part of intelligent manufacturing. It equips machine equipment with "eyes" to achieve a higher degree of intelligent production, improve production efficiency and product quality. With the advantages of high automation, high efficiency, high precision, and poor adaptability to intelligent manufacturing, the rapid development of artificial intelligence will profoundly change human social life and the world. In particular, driven by new theories and technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, supercomputing, sensor networks, and the strong demand for economic and social development, artificial intelligence has accelerated its development, showing cross-industry integration, human-machine collaboration, and open intelligence. With new features such as autonomous control, machine vision will play an important role in the realization of artificial intelligence. Machine vision is a necessary means to realize industrial automation and intelligence. Industry 4.0 cannot do without smart manufacturing, and smart manufacturing cannot do without machine vision. At present, my country has become the third largest machine vision market after the United States and Japan, and its development potential is constantly emerging.
"You are my eyes", AI technology has become a hot spot in the future
By 2025, the basic theory of artificial intelligence will achieve a major breakthrough, and some technologies and applications will reach the world's leading level. Artificial intelligence has become the main driving force for my country's industrial upgrading and economic transformation. Machine vision will open up a new horizon of artificial intelligence. In the context of the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the requirements for machine vision are constantly improving. The country’s emphasis on high-end equipment manufacturing has pushed machine vision to a key position for upgrading and development. As the eyes of the machine, machine vision is the machine to understand the world and see A way to understand the world, and to know the world, to understand the world is an indispensable part of artificial intelligence, and it is the key to achieving intelligence 2025.
? Smart Cameras
? Capture Cards, Board Cards
? Image Processing, Machine Vision Software Packages
? Camera Accessories
? Light Sources
? Auxiliary Products
? Image Processing Systems
? Machine Vision Integrated Digital Factory
Digital Industry Exhibition 
A global feast of synthesis processing technology and information technology
Digital manufacturing refers to the rapid collection of resource information according to the needs of users under the background of the integration of digital technology and manufacturing technology, and with the support of virtual reality, computer networks, rapid prototyping, databases, and multimedia. Information and resource information are analyzed, planned and reorganized to realize product design and function simulation and prototype manufacturing. And then quickly produce the entire manufacturing process of products that meet user requirements.
Help companies continue to improve processes and enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing
The connotation of the definition of digital manufacturing. Digital manufacturing refers to the digitalization of the manufacturing field. It is the result of the intersection, integration, development and application of manufacturing technology, computer technology, network technology and management science. It is also a manufacturing enterprise, manufacturing system, production process, and production system. Continuously realize the inevitable trend of digitalization. DigitalFactory takes the digital transformation of industrial automation as the keynote, and through the advantages of exhibitions and professional technical conferences, helps participating professionals find digital operation systems, management structures, concepts and equipment that meet their own requirements, and assists domestic enterprises in digital transformation and realizes manufacturing. The intelligent manufacturing upgrade of the industry and the construction of a green and sustainable industrial ecological environment.
Cognitive manufacturing: four applications that change today's manufacturing. The
manufacturing industry is undergoing major changes. Companies have installed interconnected sensors for factory equipment and used complex data analysis to deepen understanding and optimize production. These technologies can provide new opportunities for improving key business performance indicators, using manufacturing data to create new value, improving product quality, and improving the management of information and knowledge within the organization.
Exhibits range:
? Basic software and system-oriented software
? Software and solutions for specific tasks ? Software and solutions
for specific industries
? Industry specific automation software solutions
? Cloud and industrial IT services, digital factory services
? Additive manufacturing Industry
?Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet.
Information technology exhibition 
integrates innovation, shared digital manufacturing, and helps the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to interconnect everything.
based on the intelligent manufacturing industry cluster in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the new generation of information technology promotes industrial digital transformation and upgrading as a link , Keeping abreast of hot topics and industry expectations, integrating the advantages of all parties’ industrial systems, from hot cutting-edge innovative technologies, to typical application cases of vertical industries, to comprehensive display of the digital factory industry chain, supporting summit forums, innovation salons, and research Travel, seek new models and new ecology of advanced manufacturing industry, and realize the commercial value of industrial applications.
Range of exhibition:
? Industrial Internet:
network connection, identification and information collection, software, industrial Internet platform, industrial Internet industry applications;
? Artificial intelligence:
pattern recognition (face, voice, image, behavior), intelligent technology processing (natural language, adaptive learning , Deep learning, quantum intelligent computing), intelligent delivery systems and tools, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and products, intelligent terminals and integrated applications;
? Digital factory:
technology research and development and product development (CAx/MES/PLM), production and process Planning (ERP), vision/modeling and simulation technology, mechanical automation, additive manufacturing, platform services, supply chain management (order sales, tracking, platform services, CRM); the new generation (next generation) communication network: 5G, communications Services, network services, network switches, Internet data centers; Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data, edge computing; smart cities;
? new flat panel displays:
LCD/OLED/touch screen, flat panel display equipment materials; high-performance integrated circuits;
? security And information security:
cyber security, application security, information and data security, etc.; technological innovation;
CNC machine tools and metal processing exhibition 
machine tools, sheet metal and pipe processing, mold manufacturing and tools international event
in the era of digital transformation, the metal processing industry will Dominate. Key topics such as new energy vehicles, 5G communications, digital factories, and additive manufacturing will be an important driving force for the advancement of new processes and technologies. At MWCS, you will witness the interconnection of knowledge, information and technology, and the digitization of manufacturing processes including planning, control and logistics will be fully demonstrated on site.
Accurate market positioning and capture industry trends
In recent years, many sheet metal equipment companies have developed in the direction of IoT, automation, and flexibility. Industry giants have adopted acquisitions to deploy machine tool automation, or make a gorgeous transformation towards digitalization. Intelligent integrated solutions before and after processing will attract more attention. based on this, digital sheet metal processing will also cooperate with various industries and vertical fields to jointly stimulate innovation and continue to create value for society.
Exploring cutting-edge technologies and promoting industrial intelligence.
At present, the world's advanced manufacturing technology continues to rise, the application of ultra-high-speed cutting, ultra-precision machining and other technologies, the rapid development of flexible manufacturing systems and the continuous maturity of computer integrated systems, have proposed improvements in CNC machining technology High requirements: high speed, high precision; multi-function; intelligence; CNC programming automation; reliability maximization; control system miniaturization and so on. With the advancement of technology and the upgrading of the machine tool consumer market, machine tool intelligence is becoming the consensus of the development of machine tool companies. 
Grasp the trend-oriented, efficient procurement and sales platform.
According to statistics, there are about 40,000 registered sheet metal and manufacturing companies in China, with an annual production of about 52 million tons of sheet metal parts and a total sales of 600 billion yuan. China’s machinery industry is actively developing in high-speed, high-precision, and high-value-added fields. In recent years, the stainless steel sheet metal product industry has accelerated its upgrading, transforming from a massive economy to a modern industrial cluster. As the main technical axis, the demand for high-precision finished and semi-finished sheet metal parts continues to be high.
? Additive manufacturing
? metal cutting technology
? metal forming technology
? Software and systems
? Automation and robots
? Tools, measuring tools, fixtures
? Testing
Energy-saving and industrial supporting exhibition 
industrial supporting, "smart" in the future
As a professional exhibition under the South China Industry Fair, the Energy Conservation and Industrial Supporting Exhibition is an international event focusing on high-efficiency energy-saving technology, industrial cleaning technology, dust-proof and explosion-proof technology, core basic components and supporting facilities. It provides industry peers to meet, meet, and meet Ideal business platform.
? Energy-saving technologies:
dryers, gas tanks, filters and pipelines, fans, ventilation equipment, pumps and vacuum equipment, motors, boilers, energy-efficient industrial control devices and other energy-efficient technologies;
? Industrial dust prevention Explosion-proof and cleaning technology:
industrial dust collector, flue gas purification technology and equipment, volatile organic pollutant pollution control equipment, noise and vibration control equipment, gas-liquid separation and purification equipment manufacturing, solid waste treatment equipment, sweepers and other cleaning equipment, dust (Gas) Explosion-proof protection system and flame retardant equipment, dust (gas) detection and other environmental testing instruments and meters, health protection products, etc.;
? Industrial accessories and ancillary equipment:
various mechanical components and accessories, micro motors and components, transformers, rectifiers And inductors, hoses and other supporting products

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