2021 Fifth China (Linyi) International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Exh

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Time 2021-05-07 - 2021-05-09
City Linyi
Address Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center
Hallname Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Linyi Municipal Committee
Undertaker handong Berg International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

In the refrigeration industry transformation and good opportunity, we will be 2021 Nian 5 Yue 7 Ri - 5 Yue 9 days, held in Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center " 2021 Fifth China (Linyi) international refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation equipment exhibition. Exhibition With the theme of "Green Refrigeration, Innovative Development", the latest refrigeration equipment, air-conditioning equipment, ventilation equipment, cold chain equipment and related installation materials, tools and equipment will be showcased; at the same time, the invitation will include distributors, agents, and Food and beverage, agricultural product processing, biomedicine, design institutes, real estate development, municipal engineering, construction and installation, metallurgy, casting, induction heating, industrial and mining plants, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and supermarkets, hospitals, schools, industrial parks, logistics, chemicals, automobiles, Electronics, energy and other industries, as well as scientific research institutions, associations, experts, governments, media institutions, etc., visited and negotiated. Through exhibitions, investment negotiations, technical seminars, information dissemination, etc., a platform for exchanges between supply and demand parties was established. With "new ideas, new technologies , New solutions, and new products", to create an international stage for the industry to showcase brands, and to further promote the better and faster development of China’s refrigeration industry.

Exhibition scope

◆  Refrigeration equipment: (refrigeration system or unit, refrigeration compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion equipment, thermostat, valve, refrigerant, cooling tower, etc.) refrigeration equipment (condensing unit, ammonia refrigeration, refrigerating cabinet, Cold drink machine, ice cream machine, ice maker) food freezing equipment, assembled cold storage and accessories, cold storage, fresh-keeping storage, and freezer compartment refrigerator and freezing packaging box, etc.

◆ Air-conditioning equipment: central air-conditioning units, various air conditioners, rooftop air-conditioning units, VRF multi-line, household central air-conditioning, special-purpose air-conditioning equipment, air handlers (air curtains, fresh air units, air handling units, mixing boxes, purification Equipment, filters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, energy recovery devices, etc.) intelligent building control equipment, etc.

◆ Heat pump unit: heat pump unit system, heat pump drying equipment, ultra-low temperature heat pump, air energy, air source heat pump, water source heat pump, hot water engineering accessory system, special application system and accessories, etc.

◆ Cold chain logistics: cold chain logistics services (fresh food distribution), cold chain warehousing technology equipment (cold chain engineering installation), cold chain transportation technology equipment (refrigerated trucks, insulation trucks), cold storage technology and equipment, cold chain information Solutions etc.

◆ Installation materials, tools and equipment for refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment ; pipes, pipes and fittings, fixed parts and hardware, insulation materials, valves, welding and welding equipment, evacuation and heating equipment, testing equipment, side leakage instruments, etc.

◆ Ventilation equipment : axial flow fans, centrifuges, fan rotors, blades, fan inverters, air ducts, air outlets and accessories, fire dampers, dampers and accessories, coil equipment, sound insulation materials, silencers, other air conditioning and ventilation equipment Accessories etc.

Supporting activities

(A) Large Opening: 2021 Nian Yue (am 9 points)

(2) 2021 Fifth China (Linyi) Refrigeration Industry Development Summit Forum: Invite domestic refrigeration companies, refrigeration distributors, and well-known experts and scholars in the refrigeration industry at home and abroad to analyze the development direction and macroeconomic situation of China’s refrigeration industry. Dialogues and exchanges on policy orientation and market trend forecasting. Time: 2021 Nian Yue Ri afternoon 14: 00-17: 00 Location: Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 2 Conference Room 

C) Reception Dinner
    time: 2021 Nian Yue Ri  18: 00-21: 00 Location: Linyi Hotel Development Area Branch

(4) New product information release conference in the refrigeration industry (according to the needs of exhibitors, several information release conferences will be organized, and the time will be arranged according to the registration time of the company).

    Time: 2021 Nian Yue Ri Location: Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 2 Conference Room

(E) awards ceremony Time: 2021 Nian Yue pm 14: 00-17: 00 Location: Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 2 Conference Room

(6) Invite celebrities to visit the exhibition: first, it can increase the visibility and influence of the exhibition; second, it can find help for media promotion

Advertising plan 1. Promote and make special reports on refrigeration-related newspapers and magazines; 2. Promote relevant news and advertisements of this exhibition through TV stations and radio at all levels; 3. On professional websites in the refrigeration industry and major comprehensive websites at home and abroad Publish exhibition information and special reports to increase publicity. 4. Make a WeChat public account and continue to promote it. Join the refrigeration-related WeChat group and promote it with red envelopes and WeChat promotion.

Visitors and purchasers implement the invitation plan

1. On- site visits: For the exhibition, the number and quality of professional visitors directly reflect the professionalism of the exhibition, and also directly reflect the exhibition organizer's ability and value of the exhibition. Therefore, to measure the success of the exhibition, it is necessary to consider not only doing a good job in recruitment, but also to organize professional audiences who are really interested in the product to realize the effective connection between exhibitors and buyers.

2. The promotion and invitation work of this exhibition will be carried out in stages and in a targeted manner. The first stage is to conduct nationwide regional coverage of publicity and promotion for professional buyers to preheat the market; in the second stage, the routes of the invited dealers are divided according to geographical locations, and the invitation team is organized to go to all parts of the country and conduct the Comprehensive and meticulous field visits, one-to-one precise invitations, to find out the actual needs of professional buyers and ensure that the invitation is in place.

3. In response to invitations: The company will release exhibition information on a large scale based on the data resources of tens of thousands of dealers obtained from visits, the Internet, and WeChat on the eve of the exhibition, and take phone calls, text messages, WeChat, email, and fax to dealers in remote provinces. Make appointments in other ways to ensure the quantity and quality of professional visitors.

4.  Print 300,000 visit invitations and tickets, and distribute them to various professional markets free of charge to invite them to visit and purchase; send exhibition promotion team commissioners to relevant exhibitions across the country to issue invitations and tickets, and focus on promotion in similar domestic exhibitions.

5, government sources: the organization of the General Assembly will be issued with the relevant documents under the industry department, inform the competent jurisdiction within each single position, industry associations, refrigeration companies, retail units, research institutions will be to watch the exchange, to discuss the order.

6. Establish a buyer invitation department, and arrange full-time staff to invite companies and distributors to visit and purchase by telephone, letter, SMS, fax and other methods.

Exhibition highlights

(1) Bus shuttle, make an appointment in advance for professional dealers, purchasers, and users in the surrounding area, and invite them to visit and purchase in the form of free shuttle bus;

2) Reimbursement of travel expenses: For buyers and distributors in remote areas, in order to achieve the best results at this exhibition, we will use various registration methods such as printing vouchers of different denominations and WeChat back-end registration. Come and visit then Purchasing dealers only need to rely on the voucher in their hand or WeChat backstage registration photo to reimburse the corresponding amount of travel expenses on site.

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