2021 5th China (Linyi) International Emergency Safety and Fire Fighting Equipment Exhibition

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Time 2021-05-07 - 2021-05-09
City Linyi
Address Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center
Hallname Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Linyi Municipal Committee
Undertaker Shandong Berg International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Fire safety , a connection to millions of households a connection with the socio-economic development a matter of life and property is related to people's livelihood, the overall situation responsibility is extremely heavy.

According to statistics from the "Market Outlook and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report of China's Fire Protection Industry" released by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, it is predicted that the market size of China's fire protection industry will exceed 400 billion yuan in 2022 It is predicted that by 2025 , the market size of China's fire protection industry will reach about 529 billion yuan. With the innovation and development of information technology, the improvement of public safety awareness, and the various benefits of fire protection reform, the upgrading of the fire protection industry is the general trend, and the fire protection industry will usher in a huge wave. In the good prospects for the development of fire industry an opportunity, we will be 2021 Nian Yue 7-9 held at the International Convention and Exhibition Center Linyi Day "2021 Fifth China (Linyi) International Emergency and Fire Safety Equipment Exhibition .

      With the theme of " Hidden Fire Fighting, Safe and Safe , the exhibition will focus on displaying the latest smart fire protection, fire fighting equipment, emergency equipment and related application technologies; at the same time, it will invite distributors, agents and other industries from related industries and scientific research Institutions, associations, experts, governments, related colleges, media institutions, etc. visited and negotiated. Through exhibitions, investment negotiations, technical seminars, information dissemination, etc., build a platform for exchanges and trade between supply and demand parties. With the characteristics of " new ideas, new technologies, new schemes, and new products , it will create an international stage for the industry to showcase its brands and further promote the better and faster development of China's fire protection industry.

>>>Exhibition range

◆ Automatic fire extinguishing equipment exhibition area: automatic water spray, foam, gas, aerosol fire extinguishing system, dry powder fire extinguishing system and other technologies and products;

◆ Fire alarm equipment exhibition area: fire detection, controllers, alarm buttons, sound and light alarms, linkage equipment, gas alarms, leakage fire alarms, emergency broadcasts, fire power supplies and other products;

◆ Emergency rescue equipment exhibition area: mobile emergency communication vehicles, emergency support equipment, emergency emergency epidemic prevention technology, emergency communication network systems, emergency engineering rescue equipment, emergency rescue equipment, etc.;

◆ Fire-fighting equipment exhibition area: fire-fighting vehicles and equipment, personal protective equipment, fire-fighting clothing, rescue equipment, respirators, fire monitors, descending devices, leak plugging tools and other products;

◆ Fire equipment exhibition area: fire extinguishers, fire hydrant systems, fire rescue tools, fire water tanks, booster and stabilized fire equipment, fire water pumps, fire hoses, water pump adapters, emergency lighting, fire warning signs and other products;

◆ Intelligent evacuation, high-rise escape equipment exhibition area: products such as intelligent fire evacuation, high-rise escape descent device, escape slide, fire-fighting first aid kit, etc.;

◆ Building fire protection exhibition area: Mainly display building fire protection components: fire protection materials, heat insulation fire doors and windows, ventilation ducts, ventilation equipment, fans, blower series, dust collectors, fire door closers, high temperature exhaust fans, safety signs, fire emergency lighting , Power supply and flame retardant materials and other products;

◆ Video monitoring system: front-end equipment, video transmission equipment, video storage equipment, central control software and equipment, display system, multimedia video processing technology, multimedia network application technology, etc.;

◆ Anti-theft alarm system: security sensors, measurement and control devices, alarms, fences, vehicle anti-theft and anti-robbery networked alarm systems, etc.

◆ Intelligent building : building intercom, home smart system, building automation system, etc.

>>>Booth specifications and fees

◆ ( 3mx3m ) International standard booth:

Single openings: RMB  . 4 000 membered a; angular position (two openings): RMB  45 00 membered a; (including: two chairs reception desk set, Chinese lintel door long dimension 3M * width 0.3M )

◆ Special booth:

Special exhibition booth specifications

Venue fees

Construction fee and included items

Total cost

18 is 2 ( 3M 6M * )

6000 yuan

2800 yuan (aluminum profile construction, inkjet design and production, lighting carpet, a set of wooden reception desks)

8800 yuan

36m2 6m*6m )

8800 yuan

3500 yuan (aluminum profile construction, printing design and production, lighting carpet, a set of wooden reception desks )

12300 yuan


11,800 yuan    

4500 yuan (aluminum profile construction, printing design and production, lighting carpet, a set of wooden reception desks )

16,300 yuan


14,800 yuan    

5500 yuan (aluminum profile construction, inkjet design, lighting carpet, a set of wooden reception desks )

20300 yuan


17,800 yuan

6500 yuan (aluminum profile construction, printing design and production, lighting carpet, a set of wooden reception desks )

24300 yuan


20800 yuan

7500 yuan (aluminum profile construction, printing design and production, lighting carpet, a set of wooden reception desks )

28,300 yuan


26800 yuan

9500 yuan (aluminum profile construction, printing design and production, lighting carpet, a set of wooden reception desks )

36300 yuan


32800 yuan

10500 yuan (aluminum profile construction, inkjet design and production, lighting carpet, a set of wooden reception desks )

43300 yuan

Note: Garbage cleaning fee, management fee and electricity fee are paid by the exhibitor 
(the fee is collected by the exhibition hall )

>>>Charging standards for on-site advertising space/conference catalogue: 



Price (Unit: Yuan)



20000/ page

back cover


12000/ page

Inside front cover


8000/ page

Color page


2000/ page

Representative card advertisement


10000/ session (only one sponsor is invited)

Opening Ceremony Theme


20000/ side

Theme image door building advertisement

21m*7.5m 2.2m*5.3m*4 sides)

20000/ pc



3000/ pc

Outdoor billboard (printing)


6000/ side

Knife flag


50/ face ( 2000 faces in total )

Exhibition theme handbag


8000/ session (only one sponsor is invited)

>>>Supporting activities

(A) Large Opening: 2021 Nian Yue Ri  morning 9:00 - 11:30

(2) 2021 China (Linyi) Smart Fire Safety Development Summit Forum: Invite domestic firefighting companies, distributors, and business leaders, and well-known experts and scholars in the firefighting industry at home and abroad to analyze the development direction and macroeconomic situation of China's firefighting industry Dialogues and exchanges on policy orientation and market trend forecasting.

Time: 2021 Nian Yue Ri  afternoon 14:00 17:00

Venue: Meeting Room, Hall 1 of Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center

(3) New fire protection product information release conference (according to the needs of exhibitors, several information release conferences will be organized, and the time will be arranged according to the registration time of the company).

Time: 2021 Nian Yue 8 Ri

Venue: Meeting Room, Hall 1 of Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center

>>>Advertising plan

◆ Publish and make special reports in newspapers and magazines related to emergency safety and fire fighting equipment;

◆ Promote relevant news and advertisements of this exhibition through TV stations and radio at all levels;

◆ Publish exhibition information and special reports on professional websites in the emergency safety and fire-fighting equipment industry and major comprehensive websites at home and abroad to increase publicity.

◆ Make WeChat public account and continue to promote it. Join the WeChat groups related to emergency safety and fire fighting equipment, and promote them with red envelopes and WeChat publicity.

◆ WeChat Moments, Toutiao, Douyin, and Kuaishou put a large number of advertisements to increase publicity and ensure the effectiveness of the exhibition.

>>>Visitors and purchasers implement the invitation plan ;

1. On- site visits: print 300,000 visit invitations and tickets, and distribute them to various professional markets free of charge, invite them to visit and purchase; send meeting specialists to relevant exhibitions across the country to issue invitations and tickets, and focus on promotion in similar domestic exhibitions .

2. In response to invitations: According to the data resources of tens of thousands of dealers obtained through visits, the Internet, WeChat, etc., the exhibition information will be released on a large scale, and the dealers in remote provinces will make appointments by telephone, SMS, WeChat, email, fax, etc. to ensure The number and quality of professional visitors.

3. Government channels: The conference organization will issue relevant documents with industry authorities to notify the competent units, industry associations, emergency safety, fire-fighting equipment companies, distributors, and scientific research institutions in each jurisdiction to observe exchanges and negotiate orders.

4. Establish a buyer invitation department, and arrange full-time staff to invite companies and distributors to visit and purchase by telephone, letter, SMS, fax, etc.

5. Free shuttle bus: set up buses in the major domestic emergency safety and fire fighting equipment markets to pick up and drop off buyers for visits and purchases.

6. Toll reimbursement: For areas wher there is no free bus, a method of reimbursing highway tolls is provided, and professional visitors are invited to visit and purchase.

Highlights and advantages of "Linyi Fire Protection Exhibition" :

>>>Exhibition highlights;

1.  Bus shuttle, make an appointment in advance for professional dealers, purchasers, and users in the surrounding area, and invite them to visit and purchase in the form of free shuttle bus;

2. Reimbursement of road expenses: For buyers and distributors in remote areas, in order to achieve the best results for this exhibition, we adopt the registration method of WeChat back-end registration. At that time, dealers who come to visit and purchase only need to rely on the back-end registration information of WeChat. You can go to the scene to reimburse the corresponding amount of travel expenses.

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