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Dry wall partition plaster board

Brand: Regular
Kind: Regular
Spec.: 1220x2440x12MM
Packing: Two edges wrapped with the tape
Area: China Shandong
Validity: 2021-07-19
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Specification: MM






Square , taper




Board Kind

Regular board

Water-resistant board

Moisture resistant board

Fire-resistant board


A. Different specifications can also be produced as requirement.

B. Properties: I. Gypsum board is using natural high purity gypsum powder as main material, adding fibers and proper additives to make board core, and bonded with specially treated protective paper by bonding agent, The material has advantages of light weight, fireproof, sound insulation, heat insulation energy consumption reduction, easy installation and use. Using the products can aped up construction speed, reduce labor strength and improve decoration affect.

II. Fire proof gypsum board is mixed with fireproof materials, fireproof fibers to make board core. Pink Surface paper is made up of specially treated and crystal water gypsum materials, which determines that at the beginning period when it meets fire, before the crystal water in the board core fully comes out and vapors up, the temperature at the board surface can not exceed 140℃. The good fireproof property can obtain valuable time for people to evacuate, meanwhile prolong the fireproof time.

III, Water proof & moisture resistant gypsum board is mixed with fibers, proper quantity of additives and high efficiency organic hydrophobic agent of make board core. The surface paper is treated specially , the waterproof property of gypsum board is greatly improved and strengthened .It is widely used in toilet, kitchen and other damp places with much humidity variation.

V. Usage: A: Ceiling system B: Partition system C: Dry lining system

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